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Weimaraner - Weimarrows.

The Correct Answer is A, the Weimaraner. Why are Weimaraners Nicknamed the Grey Ghost? The Weimaraner dog breed dates back to the 19th century when they made prized hunting dogs for the Nobles of Weimar, a city in Thuringia, Germany. 06/12/2008 · The Weimaraner was born to run and is no couch potato. Bred to hunt, the Weimaraner is very smart and has a strong sense of smell. Beautiful dogs with their grey coat and bright blue eyes, these dogs want to be a part of your family.

Some Weimaraner puppies for sale may be shipped Worldwide and include crate and veterinarian checkup. Many Weimaraner dog breeders with puppies for sale also offer a health guarantee. With thousands of Weimaraner puppies for sale and hundreds of Weimaraner dog breeders, you're sure to find the perfect Weimaraner puppy. You must teach your Weimaraner to respect you. A dog who respects you will do what you say and will stop what he's doing when you tell him "No." Read more about Weimaraner Training. Health problems. Weimaraners are extremely prone to a life-threatening digestive syndrome called bloat, which can kill a dog in just a few hours. Their flews are rather deep with dogs having a powerful jaw. Noses are grey in colour and their eyes can be either amber or blue depending on the colour of a dog’s coat. Their eyes are set nicely apart on a dog's face,. for the Weimaraner dog breed. Weimaraners are sometimes known as Weims, Silver Ghosts or Grey Ghosts due to their short, silver grey coat. Vizsla vs Weimaraner appearance Vizsla vs Weimaraner in size and colouring. Both dogs are medium in size and have short coats. The Vizsla is smaller than the Weimaraner and is 56-61 cm tall, whilst the Weimaraner’s average height is 64. Origin. The exact origins of this breed are unknown although a dog of the Weimaraner type appeared in a Van Dyke painting of the early 1600's. It is believed that the breed comes from stock similar to the German Short-Haired Pointer, with Bloodhound being added early through crosses with one or more of the various schweisshund breeds.

Find Weimaraner Dogs and Puppies for sale in the UK near me. Advertise, Sell, Buy and Rehome Weimaraner Dogs and Puppies with Pets4homes. The weimaraner is a large sized dog breed with males being as large as 27 inches tall from ground to shoulder and weighing up to 85 pounds. Their size makes them more appropriate for a house with a small yard than an apartment, however as indoor dogs they will be happiest anywhere as long as they are with their owner. A recently developed breed, the Weimaraner is a large-sized gun dog, initially used for hunting large as well as small games. Athletic and sturdy with a graceful appearance, these dogs have a longish head and neck, high set, partially folded ears, well-set eyes with.

Weimaraners - Weimaraner Dog Information &.

The ideal dog was one that possessed courage, speed, intelligence and a well-developed scenting ability. The breed was originally used for big game, but was later adapted to use as a bird dog; and was found to be a good pointer and retriever. The Weimaraner was first recognized by the AKC in 1943. Jun 15, 2015 - Explore nyanieves's board "William Wegman's Weimaraners", followed by 457 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about William wegman, Weimaraner and Dogs. The Weimaraner is larger dogs 25 to 27 inches; bitches 23 to 25 with 1 inch over or under a DQ, with more bone and substance, and appears moderate in length the FCI standard gives a ratio of 12:11 for the Weimaraner, but the AKC standard gives no guidance. Weimaraner puppies for sale in Pa, as well as Indiana, New York, Ohio and other states. Feel free to browse classifieds placed by Weimaraner dog breeders in Pa and the surrounding areas.

The Weimaraner is a striking dog, which was first bred by nobles of the German Court of Weimar for the purpose of hunting game, and later to be trained as a retriever. The Weim is often referred to as the “Grey Ghost” due to its slender and svelte build and beautiful gray or blue coloring. Allevamento Weimaraner dei Magnifici Grigi riconosciuto ENCI e FCI. Weimaraner allevati con serietà, dedizione e passione. Allevamento Weimaraner di Merlo Alessandro. Germany has always been a country rich in wildlife, and German dog breeds have gained the reputation as some of the best in the world. The Weimaraner originated in the nineteenth century in an effort to create the ideal all-around dog that could hunt game of all sizes, including deer and bear. In America il Weimaraner ha avuto molto successo e tutt'oggi sono registrate 500 nascite al mese. Difatti molte sono le attività, oltre alla caccia, che lo vedono protagonista: cane guida, narcotraffico, guardia, cane poliziotto, Agility dog e compagno di vita.

Nicknamed the Grey Ghost of the forest, these dogs move swiftly and silently through the forests in search of their prey. Most canine authorities assume the Weimaraner – the sporting “Grey Ghost” is the result of selective breeding of Bloodhounds and intelligent hunting dogs as no records have been found concerning this selective breeding. The Weimaraner's coat color is a rarity among dog breeds. Training. The Weimaraner is full of energy. They are eager to learn and please and are motivated by rewards such as treats or praise. This breed does not respond to harsh discipline and once mistrustful will avoid any and all further attempts of. Penso che il Weimaraner non sia un cane per tutti, essendo una razza da caccia ha bisogno di tanto movimento e di una famiglia attiva oltre naturalmente a tanto amore per poter essere veramente appagato; non si può pensare di relegarlo in un angolo e non far si che sia considerato un membro della famiglia con cui instaurerà un legame fortissimo. This Pin was discovered by Dawn Townsend. Discover and save! your own Pins on Pinterest. weimaranerkennel.. Breeding Enci-Fici for the selection of the weimaraner. Available pups, good genealogy, vaccinated, with microchip and pedigree.Grey, docile and affectionate Dogs are great from expo, hunting or company.

I Weimaraner sono cani di taglia grande, il cui peso varia dai 30 ai 40 kg. L’altezza al garrese è di 60-70 cm, le femmine sono spesso poco più basse. Di struttura forte e selezionati per il lavoro, questi cani slanciati sono dotati di grande resistenza nella corsa.

  1. Although the precise ancestry of these dogs is unclear, it’s thought that they were developed in their pure form by the early 1800s. Early in the development of the Weimaraner breed, these dogs were used by sportsmen to hunt various types of big game, such as board, wolf, bobcat, mountain lion, bear, and deer.
  2. The Weimaraner /ˈvaɪmərɑːnər/ vy-mə-rah-nər is a large[2] dog that was originally bred for hunting in the early 19th century. Early Weimaraners were used by royalty for hunting large game such as boar, bear, and deer. As the popularity of large game hunting began to decline, Weimaraners were used for hunting smaller animals like fowl.
  3. Long Haired Weimaraner. When people think of a Weimaraner, they typically picture a dog with a sleek coat of thin, grey fur. However, long haired Weimaraners are becoming an increasingly popular pet due to their unique and beautiful appearance.
  4. Brown Weimaraner dogs and red Weimaraner dogs are not actually true, purebred Weimaraners. Although these Weimaraner colors may be appealing to some, it is important to remember that if you want a purebred Weimaraner, you should stick with the grey. Of course, sometimes the mouse grey Weimaraner can have a brownish tint to his coat, and this is.
  1. As a moderately large and athletic working dog breed, the Weimaraner has a medium-sized head with a moderate stop and medial line bisecting the forehead. With a gray nose and teeth that meet in a scissors bite, the dogs have wide-set eyes that can be various shades of grey, bluish grey, and light amber.
  2. Colorado Weim Rescue. Colorado Weimaraner Rescue. "If a dog jumps into your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer.".
  3. The Weimaraner or Weimaraner Vorstehhund is a dog breed of German origin. It is easily recognizable thanks to its light grey fur and its equally pale eyes, which attract much attention and make it one of the most elegant dog breeds.

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